Hiking Zion’s Subway

Zion National Park is a hiking park. The Narrows and Angel’s Landing are the two most popular but The Subway Hike is probably third. You do need a permit to do this hike but it is worth the effort. Here’s a link to the permit process Subway Permit Process There are two ways to hike The Subway, one from the top down which requires rappelling and from the bottom up. The following images are from the bottom up hike. This hike is about a 6 mile round trip and will take from 6 to 9 hours. The trail follows the left fork of North Creek. On a hot day, its great to strap on some water boots and slosh through the creek instead of hiking besides it.


The hike goes up the left fork of North Creek


And passes terraces of small waterfalls.


Autumn Falls
Autumn has arrived at North Creek


North Fork Terraces
Archangel Falls


Fall Reflection
Pools of water provide a mirror for the autumn colors.


The Crack
The crack leads you to the entrance of The Subway.


Subway Entrance
The tubular shape of The Subway now comes into view below the steep sandstone canyon walls at Zion.


Subway Pools


Subway Pools


Subway Pools


The Subway
So tubular!


The Subway at Zion


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