Colorado’s Amazing Kebler Pass

Kebler Pass, located just west of Crested Butte, is home to one of the largest aspen tree groves in the United States. This forest has been tested and found to be a clonal colony. It grows from a single root system and is a single living organism. Wow! It is the largest living entity in the state of Colorado and one of the largest in the world.

Following are the colorful autumn images to prove it which I captured just over a week ago.

Fall colors and fresh snow have arrived at Kebler Pass in the Gunnison National Forest, Colorado

As you can see, the colors were a mix of yellows, golds, magentas, oranges and waning greens.

Recent snows added some contrast to the autumn palette.

Fall colors have arrived at Lost Lake the Gunnison National Forest, Colorado

It was quite a day, Maroon Bells first thing in the morning, McClure Pass at mid day and Kebler Pass, late afternoon.

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