That’s the name of a big wall climbing route at Zion National Park that my friend Kyle completed yesterday along with his friend Alain. It’s about a 700 foot climb and they were the third group to ever complete this route. Somebody had to take the photos!

Rather insignificant.

They had to negotiate this overhang, carefully.

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  1. They are very brave souls! The rock is beautiful.


  2. I don’t know if I could even watch! I have a strong fear of heights. 😉

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  3. Amazing photography! Wow! Great job, Michael!


  4. Really amazing photographs, the colours fascinating. They are great and fearless… Thank you, Love, nia


  5. Just looking at these photos made me queasy! Good on them for doing it … brave beyond my comprehension.


  6. Wonderful photos. Are their already pins in the rock face? It looks like there aren’t many foot or hand holds naturally. It looks very scary.


  7. Wow – that overhang! And you must have a sore neck…


  8. As a person who sees rock formations from the comfort of her car, you can imagine how these photos made my heart race! Excellent job! And some fancy footwork for those willing to attach the rocks!!!


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