Odds And Ends From My Recent Cali Trip

And what a strange trip it was………..

Coastal fog has drifted in to the lush green valleys along California’s Pacific Ocean coastline
A slow exposure produces a continuous red line from a vehicle on California’s Pacific Coast Highway near Big Sur
A Giant Egret
A Raven with some attitude!
An Elephant Seal without any attitude.
The moon rises over a remote part of Death Valley National Park, California
Another solar farm has gone online in the high desert of California
Another lush green valley along California’s Pacific Ocean coastline
Fog drifts into an Almond Tree Orchard in California’s Central Valley.
Funky cloud formations appear over the California Coastline at Cambria
A waterfall appears a Garrapata State Park along California’s Pacific Coast near Carmel
It does snow in Death Valley.
Mount Whitney soars above the snow-covered Sierras and the Owens Valley of California
Taken with my Google Pixl phone while driving through the high desert. Not recommended.
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  1. Beautiful photos! How long was your trip? Your Mount Whitney photo reminds me of one I took at Independence, CA looking west toward the Sierras.

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  2. Some great photos! Were they all shot with your smartphone?

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  3. You and your camera covered a lot of California Beauties within 5 days.

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