Snowy Zion National Park

We had some precipitation here a few weeks ago and snow appeared in the higher elevations of Zion.

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  1. All are beautiful! I especially love the last one with the colors popping through the white-out, gorgeous!


  2. Such a beautiful contrast….the rust and the white!


  3. Terrific images, Mike. Beautiful!


  4. You’ve shown me what I suspected all along: I love Zion in the snow even more than in the sun!!! Outstanding shots.


  5. Great photographs, I felt as if I was there too… Thank you, Love, nia


  6. I love how snow can improve just about anything, including this most beautiful of locations. Good on you for getting out there and documenting a rarely seen side of this park. Gorgeous.

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  7. What a great time to capture images in the park. I’ve been there several times, but never when there was snow — great images.

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  8. Looks fun! I need to get down there.

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