A Subway In Utah?

Back in October, three friends and I trekked up the Left Fork of North Creek at Zion National Park. It had been awhile since I last visited this amazing product of nature formed by millions of years of erosion but it was well worth it. It’s a 10 mile hike requiring boulder hopping, numerous creek crossings and a 1,000 foot climb out of the canyon at the very end. I haven’t done much hiking this year and I felt it in my quads the next day.

Fall colors have arrived at Zion National Park’s North Creek
Water flows at Archangel Cascades at Zion National Park’s Left Fork of North Creek, Utah
Approaching The Subway.
Now you know why they call it The Subway.
The sandstone can be slippery when wet.

Not a selfie!
That fallen tree wasn’t there the last time.

The tall canyon walls that North Creek flows through.
A crack in the sandstone at Zion National Park’s Subway is a portal for the flowing water

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Looks like a great hike!


  2. Stunning photographs! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I’ve missed your posts, Mike. 🙂 These photos are gorgeous. It is amazing what water can do over a few million years! Looks like the Subway was an underground tunnel and then the roof collapsed?


  4. Beautiful scenery. What a great walk!


  5. Superb images as always, Michael, thank you sharing your amazing talent.


  6. Wow, your photos really capture the beauty here! Beautiful!


  7. Beautiful photography! Thanks for sharing.


  8. These are beautiful shots of the Subway, the best I’ve ever seen!


  9. This looks so fun! When you say 1000 foot climb to get out, do you mean rock climbing or just hiking with elevation gain?


  10. Wonderful photos. I’d have to travel pretty far to find anything this majestic.


  11. Beautiful! I especially love that last picture – baby erosion. Was that 10 miles round trip or one way?


  12. What an amazingly beautiful place!

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