Colorado’s “Million Dollar Highway”

One of the most scenic highways in the United States, if not one of the most dangerous, the Million Dollar Highway is a must drive if you’re in Colorado. As part of US Route 550, the 25 miles from Ouray to Silverton represents the most scary and jaw dropping stretch. It was originally built in 1882 to serve the local mining industry. Sheer drop offs to my right caused me to slow down and find a safe spot for picture taking.


Uncompahgre Gorge, just south of Ouray.


The town of Ouray

No guardrails here!


I’d hate to drive through here in winter.


Red Mountain


Fall colors can be amazing



10 responses to “Colorado’s “Million Dollar Highway””

  1. The summer before last we drove Durango to Silverton to Ouray to Telluride to Durango. It was stunning and, for some reason, we largely had the road to ourselves, especially on the beautiful, fun, winding bit from Telluride to Durango. It almost hurts to look at it.


  2. Stunning scenery and photos. I lived in Rico and would drive to Telluride once a week for groceries. Driving over the pass then on curves coming near Telluride was always a prayerful drive as I never knew when I’d hit black ice and be over the edge 😦


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