From The Kaibab National Forest

The Kaibab National Forest near the North Rim of The Grand Canyon is a welcome relief from the scorching heat in the desert below.  This sub-alpine ecosystem has life and views of nearby Marble Canyon in Northern Arizona.


Turkey Vultures



A back country road at Kaibab National Forest, Arizona


Smoke from nearby forest fires.






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  1. Stunning scenery and I love the cheeky squirrel.


  2. Great first picture Michael, looking down at sunset onto that mesa wall with shadows extending way back. Impressive. Best wishes Dean Harden



  3. Gorgeous. Wish I was there enjoying the cooler temps!

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  4. Excellent collection! There are many places here in Southwest Colorado where arid canyon and mesa areas border alpine forest areas. It’s great to have both accessible.


  5. Your photography leaves me speechless . . . always. And I’m, of course, drawn to sunsets, green forests, and natural formations unlike any others. But there’s something about that country road that just speaks to me this time. It’s familiar yet it leads to the unknown.


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