Gold Butte National Monument

Never heard of it? It is an area northeast of Las Vegas that President Obama set aside in 2016. Trump wants to shrink it. It comprises some 300,000 acres of pure and unadulterated desert landscape and is home to Desert Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Lions.  I loved the remoteness. We camped about 20 miles from the nearest human. Little Finland is an area within the monument that showcases grotesque forms of weathered sandstone. I plan to return soon….

Sandstone rock formations and desert flora make up Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada.




Clare Cup flower on Prickly Pear Cactus.



Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree




At Little Finland.




Spring Desert Flora.






11 responses to “Gold Butte National Monument”

  1. Those are gorgeous.

    I’ve read about the Desert Tortoise of that area. Highly protected. They’ve been described as being perfect travelers in that they know exactly how much water they need for their bodies for trip. If you frighten one, they can lose their water supply. Drivers are told to stop and let them pass, unhindered.

    Have you seen any of the long-eared Hares?

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