Annual Trip To Eureka Dunes

I made my annual trip to Eureka Dunes at Death Valley National Park and was still blown away despite the cold temperatures. Along with my friend Lian, her first visit, we climbed to the very top of the dunes, some 700 feet on the first day and explored the smaller dunes the next morning. These images are from Day One.









On top of the world!





Heading back down, much easier.



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  1. Wonderful photos as usual! This place is on my list, but I am not sure when.


  2. The Imperial Valley Dunes in Southern California is a popular site for Hollywood studios. Movies and television programs have filmed there since 1915’s Birth of a Nation. Others include Lawrence of Arabia, Three Kings, Sahara, Jarhead, Star Wars, Road to Morocco, Flight of the Phoenix, Tobruk, Stargate and Rat Patrol. General Patton trained his tank corps at the dunes in preparation for the invasion of North Africa in WWII. A plank road was built across the dunes in 1915 to provide a commercial link between San Diego and Yuma. Sections of that road remain today.


  3. Pretty place. It’s hard work to hike on sand. I’ve done it on smaller sand dunes and in washes, but yours must have really been a tough hike.


  4. Amazing, what a fabulous experience and physically challenging–your images are inspirational.

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