Colorful Clay Beds

Made another trip last week to one of my favorite places. Clay beds in the Coyote Buttes area of Northern Arizona. Colors are a product of minerals leeching through the Chinle Layer, mostly made of clay.













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  1. I can see why you like to visit these curious and colorful mounds, Michael. The textures and immensity are great, and then the rainbow colors really top it off. I’ve never seen anything like this! Great to see the people to understand the size perspective. And I love seeing the pile of bones, too. Thanks for taking us to the clay beds, Michael.


  2. Interesting and pretty too.

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  3. Nature is amazing and so are your images. Every post is a new surprise with what you capture.


  4. Wonderful patterns. I like having humans in some of the photos for scale.


  5. Nice! Interesting place. Love the colorful straitions in the rock. What caused that, do you know?


  6. Such interesting textures and colors in these photos!


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