Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin at Death Valley National Park is famous for the fact it is one of the hottest (It was 85 degrees F this day) and lowest places on earth.  The salt flats are a result of any standing water in the basin evaporating and leaving the salt deposits behind.  I caught these images last week after a sand storm blew through the valley but parted right around sunset.









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  1. I was absolutely blown away by Death Valley and really had no idea what to expect. I thought of you last weekend and hoped you had a fabulous time and captured a lot of fabulous images.


  2. Looks vast and lonely… great sunset!


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  4. Really interesting texture. Impressive images.


  5. Spectacular! Especially the second last one – stunning colour.

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  6. This is quite a place, one that I may never get to see up close. The patterns must be a study in and of themselves. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Wow! These images are just incredible


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