Flora And Some Fauna At Kaibab National Forest

Recently shot near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.










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  1. Oh wow, still so much green and blooming, than you for sharing,


  2. The circle one almost looks like a crop circle 🙂 Beautiful photos.


  3. Michael, I like all your recent posts, but my browser is not letting those likes come through. Anyway, I wish to be able to go back to that area of Utah and Arizona in the next several years.


  4. Beautiful wildflowers. Looks like it’s a good year for wildflowers. The tree shot is remarkable.


  5. Exquisite photos, Michael. I especially like the one of the fenced-in pond that appears to be gradually turning into a meadow. A beautiful fence too.

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  6. So beautiful and you capture the scenery superbly. I love seeing your photos, Michael. Is that first little guy a gopher?


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