Seaside Wildflowers

Wildflowers were blooming along California’s Pacific Ocean Coastline. Some, I recognize, others I couldn’t identify even with my flower book.


An ice plant flowers along California's Pacific Coast near Big Sur.
An ice plant flowers along California’s Pacific Coast near Big Sur.


Wildflowers bloom along Pacific Coast Highway near Big Sur, California


California Yellow Flowers


Bright colors come alive during sunset at Goblin Valley State Park, Utah
California Blue Lilac


Paintbrush flowers along the Pacific Ocean at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, Carmel, California
Monterey Indian Paintbrush


Cal Coast Flowers_8183
Blue iris


Cal Coast Flowers_8431


Seaside daises are at full bloom along California's Pacific Ocean Coastline near Big Sur.
Seaside daises


Cal Coast Flowers_8158


Calia Lily grows along California's Pacific ocean Coastline near Big Sur.
Calia Lily


California Morning Glory
California Morning Glory

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