More 4 Wheeling-This Time With Costly Consequences

My friend Eric and I went 4 wheeling a few weeks ago and both of us ended up getting stuck in the mud!  A rainstorm the previous day altered the banks of the river we drive across thus producing issues.  I didn’t know there is quick sand in the river basin and it is hard to get your vehicle out of it. Up on the sand hills, the dirt road had also been altered by the rain which required a bit of digging. Eric shoveled while I took the pictures.


4 Wheelin Flowers_9743

Another beautiful summer day in the desert. What could go wrong?


4 Wheelin Sign_9744

Ominous sign


4 Wheelin_9738

Just a small puddle


4 Wheelin_9745It was starting to get a bit rocky.


4 Wheelin_9747


4 Wheelin_9750Digging was necessary as was taking the picture.


4 Wheelin_9751


4 Wheelin_9755


4 Wheelin_9756No problem getting through this!


4 Wheelin_9758Beautiful country along the East Fork of The Virgin River, Utah


4 Wheelin_9757


4 Wheelin_9761Having to drive through the river.


4 Wheelin_9760Eric got stuck first but a tow rope and my Ford Ranger pulled him out.


4 Wheelin_9762 We used everything at our disposal to get me out but the mud was very thick. Then it started to rain and thunder and I’m thinking flash flood and goodbye Ranger! We drove 10 miles into town and hired 2 locals with a 9,000 pound winch on a Jeep to get the job done.  It cost us a few bucks but the memories will live in infamy!



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  1. Glad you didn’t get stuck physically. Glad you got out ok, both of you. Great photos.


  2. Glad you made it out safely!


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