Time Lapse Video-Marble Canyon

Marble Canyon is just before The Grand Canyon and looks like a small incision in the landscape but does provide some good photo and video opps. Still photos to follow.  Watch in HiDef at Full Screen. Music by Best Coast.

8 responses to “Time Lapse Video-Marble Canyon”

  1. Good morning,

    Is the beginning of the canyon, (Marble Canyon) on the East or West end of the Grand Canyon? Probably a dumb question. Incidentally, is your name Michael Andrew? Also, do you have a list of your future foto shoots?

    Bill Kingsbury


  2. Hi Michael. I love your photos, but I find your time lapses to be jerky and hard to watch. Have you considered shortening the time between frames to make them smoother? I know when I make one I usually have each frame only last about 0.2 seconds which makes for a much smoother (although shorter) video.


    • Hi Steve. I don’t spend too much time on time lapse. I agree, using shorter times between frames will make them smoother. I need to shoot more frames because I like the videos to be about a minute


      • Yeah, that is the problem, mine end up only being around 10 seconds long. I know it’s hard to just sit there and let the camera go for a long enough time, gets boring pretty fast… 🙂


      • I found a smartphone app that works as an intervalometer. It makes the phone send an IR signal to the camera so it’s like shooting with the wireless remote. Only catch is your phone has to be able to do that, and it needs to be in front of the camera. I used it for shooting the last lunar eclipse and it worked really well.


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