Time Lapse Video-Marble Canyon

Marble Canyon is just before The Grand Canyon and looks like a small incision in the landscape but does provide some good photo and video opps. Still photos to follow.  Watch in HiDef at Full Screen. Music by Best Coast.

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  1. Good morning,

    Is the beginning of the canyon, (Marble Canyon) on the East or West end of the Grand Canyon? Probably a dumb question. Incidentally, is your name Michael Andrew? Also, do you have a list of your future foto shoots?

    Bill Kingsbury


  2. Hi Michael. I love your photos, but I find your time lapses to be jerky and hard to watch. Have you considered shortening the time between frames to make them smoother? I know when I make one I usually have each frame only last about 0.2 seconds which makes for a much smoother (although shorter) video.


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