The Photographer’s Cookbook- And You Can Participate!

Photographer's cookbook


I’m in search of recipes for producing dramatic photos.  This cookbook provides the key ingredients needed to maximize your chances at capturing that 5-star image. This cookbook is a work in progress. Recipes will be added on a regular basis. And you Word Press bloggers can participate!!!  All I need is a cup of creativity and a tablespoon of humor on your part to be included. Supply me with your key ingredients, directions, a sample photo for your recipe. You will then do a guest post on my blog and vice versa.

For example:

Producing  Star Trail Photographs:

Zion Starry Night



1 Digital Camera

1 Cloudless and Moonless Night Away from City Light

1 Shutter Release

1 Tripod

1 Ball Head

1 Headlamp

and 2 tablespoons of patience


Set up camera on tripod, Use headlamp to properly position the camera for the shot and to read camera settings. Set ISO to its highest for a test shot. The test shot will tell you if you’re pointing the camera in the right direction. Then set your f-stop to its lowest number(i.e.. 4.0),  and bake at ISO 400 for 40 minutes or until done!  You should also enable the long exposure noise reduction feature in your camera and have the camera mode set to BULB


You can also write how you processed the image in Photoshop etc. I’ve looked back at a bunch of my photos and have seen possibilities.  It may not involve the camera settings so much but what you had to do to get the shot.  Like freezing your butt off waiting for that full moon to rise. But put it into the form of a recipe and try to keep it short and fun.   Who wants to go first?


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