Surf’s Up! The only things missing were a surfboard, an ocean and Spicoli’s van!

I was able to secure a permit for The Wave at Coyote Buttes North!  I showed up last Friday at the BLM office in Kanab, Utah to enter the dreaded lottery. During winter months when the BLM office is closed on weekends, they conduct the lottery on Friday for Saturday, Sunday and Monday permits This is the BEST TIME of the year to get a permit. If anyone is interested in going to The Wave, let me know and I’ll try to score one for you during these winter months. I plan to go back a few more times as I continously find more exotic things to shoot out there. All the permits for Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday were selected until they finally picked my number 15.  A group of six jumped up and down and screamed when their number was picked for Sunday. It turns out this was their 3rd day in a row of trying and they were  justly rewarded for their patience. I ended taking about 1,000 exposures so I will present the images in 4 posts. This post is an introduction and shows images of me surfing even though I was about 500 miles from the nearest ocean.

Wave Permit_0453
Do NOT attempt to reproduce this permit!


Coyote Buttes North
Teepees on the trail out to The Wave


Coyote Buttes Abstract_9606
Natural art seen along the trail


Coyote Buttes Abstract_9648
More abstract art.


Coyote Buttes The Wave Area_9537
Approaching The Wave along with its twisted hoodoos and various teepees.


Coyote Buttes Wave Hoodoos_9540
Getting closer


Coyote Buttes Wave Area_9543


Coyote Buttes me Surfing_9798
Hang ten!


Coyote Buttes Me Surfing_0423
Shooting the curl


Coyote Buttes me Surfing_0446
The only things missing were a surfboard, an ocean and Spicoli’s van!


10 responses to “Surf’s Up! The only things missing were a surfboard, an ocean and Spicoli’s van!”

  1. How lucky! We were planning on going this year but I have had some serious leg issues that prevented it. We had heard the hike out to the wave is pretty long and/or difficult. What is your take on this? Will you be writing at all about the hike or have any kind of narrative along with your photos? I can’t wait.


    • Good questions Emillio. The hike is about 5 miles round trip. Although I scrambled about 7 miles because I went exploring to places most people don’t go. It’s not too difficult but people have died out there recently during the very hot summer months. I would never go out there between June and September. I carry plenty of water, first aid kit, 2 flash lights and extra clothing. But it is really fun to be out there. I get a rush hiking out to that area as it may be my favorite place to visit and photograph. The BLM does give you great trail descriptions along with good photos of where you need to look for next on the hike.

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