Get Off The Beaten Path!

Don’t drive on the interstate if you can enjoy a stressless ride through the countryside. That’s where I get a lot of my best photos. Taking the long way home. On my trip to and from Yellowstone, I decided to check out rural Idaho and Utah. Click on image for larger view


Utah Farm Road


Utah Grain Silo


Rural Utah Highway


Idaho Wind Farm


Idaho Wind Farm


Idaho Train Track


Idaho Farm


Idaho Farm_0093


Uinta National Forest


Utah Peaches


Utah Highway Storm_0372


Utah Farm Sunset


Utah Farm Sunset


Utah Farm Road


Utah Farm Sunset


Utah Farm

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  1. Every single photo is a beauty! Great work 🙂


  2. The top one looks like a set from a John Huston movie. So evocative.


  3. Marvelous! Makes me want to buy a motorcycle and wander around with a camera close at hand. Well…I already wanted to do that, but this makes me want to do it even more.


  4. Reblogged this on yuki3109 – The Majestic Colors of Nature and commented:
    I thought this said it best to get the best pictures.


  5. Beautiful photos! My husband and I almost always take the back roads and old two-lane highways and avoid the interstate like the plague.


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