The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful – More From The Grand Tetons

I arrived at the entrance of Grand Teton National Park around 2pm. I asked the ranger if the heavy cloud cover would lift. You could not see The Tetons at all. Like a conservative weatherman, he said the chances were 50/50. I drove in and around the park and basically bided my time for conditions to improve. And finally the clouds began lifting along with my spirits. I did start at Schwabackers Landing where the skies began to brighten. See Previous Post .

The GOOD is that the cloud cover was lifting. The BAD was that I dropped my camera onto the sidewalk trying to set up around sunset. I was in too much of a hurry and the camera wasn’t properly secured to the ball head.  I shot these images and the ones in my previous post in about 5 hours, so I was moving fast. Too fast. The camera worked fine but the lens was hard to zoom. I guess it could have been worse.  The Tetons were exhibiting major mood swings by this time,  just like I was. THE BEAUTIFUL- The photos below that I took after the accident! Click on photo for larger view.

Grand Tetons

Flowers at The Tetons

Teton Sunset

Teton Reflection

Grand Tetons

Teton Reflection

Teton Sunset

Tetons Jenny Lake


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