Photo Of The Week- The Notorious Sacred Datura Flower

This desert flower blooms at night and has an evil reputation because of its psychedelic powers. DO NO CONSUME THIS.


“The bristly fruit and stale-smelling leaves of the Sacred Datura speak to a more sinister side of the plant, to a dark and fearsome netherworld of poison and potential emotional collapse, physical sickness and even death.  It suggests visions of the brooding and frightening forests of the Brothers Grimm.  These parts of the plant have given rise to alternative names such as Devil’s Trumpet, Deadly Nightshade, Thorn Apple, Mad Apple, Hairy Jimson-weed, Stink Weed, Green Dragon and Locoweed.”

I wonder who was the first to find this out. You can purchase this image as a print or downloadable file at datura

Sacred Dature

4 responses to “Photo Of The Week- The Notorious Sacred Datura Flower”

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