Carpobrotus edulis

That is the Latin name for the oceanside vegetation called Ice Plant. Ice Plant is an invasive succulent that was imported from South Africa to California during the early 1900s for coastal erosion management.


Ice Plant turns red and orange in fall and winter.

The plant grows in a thick and dense mat-like way. Its thick succulent stems grow horizontally and curve upwards. Flowers generally appear in late winter to spring and can be yellow, pink, and purple. The ice plant’s fruit appears once the flower dies back and is edible. The fruit is yellow and fleshy when ripe and resembles a fig or spinning top.










9 responses to “Carpobrotus edulis”

  1. I grew a variant of the Ice Plant in my front yard in Texas. The plastic insert said that it could remain cool even in the sun. It was listed as invasive. It was pretty and grew quickly. It had deep red flowers. Central Texas didn’t get much snow but, there was occasional sleet and ice storms. Ice Plants don’t do well…with ice. Succulents freeze and die. Ice storms also kill Agaves, I had two big ones in my front yard and, MAN, they STINK when the die and decompose.

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