Rocky Mountain National Park- Part One

Rocky is the 3rd most visited national park in the United States. After my initial visit, I can see why. From soaring mountaintops, pristine lakes and abundant wildlife, Rocky Mountain National Park is why we set aside these amazing natural resources.











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  1. It is beautiful. I spent weeks camping near it and visiting it , and riding horses to lakes near it. I’ve hiked there, too, as an adult.


  2. Stunning photos!

    As a kid, we camped in the nearby town for 3 weeks. I visited the park numerous times and rode horses over the hills to a local lake. I hiked there as an adult, too. I’ve driven back roads coming up to it from the south, and from the west of Boulder and a stunning drive from the hwy to Denver, from Vail, then turning north and following a scenic route through little towns. Such a beautiful area.


  3. Stunning scenery, Mike. Thanks for sharing it!


  4. You’ve captured the beauty of this, one of my favorite national parks, so well, but what amazes me are the animals you’ve seen so closely. Wow! I would love to be by your side while photographing!


  5. Once again … beautiful photos!!! I hadn’t been to RMNP in years because you can’t bring dogs. I recently did a mountaineering course that took me into the park. We climbed up the saddle to the right of Hallett Peak. I had forgotten just how beautiful the park is. This makes me want to go back even more. Glad you’re having such a beautiful trip to CO.


  6. 3rd? I had no idea! And it’s in my backyard…I get there once every 4 years. How sad is that?!! I must put backpacking on the list for next summer. It is a gorgeous place! Wonderful images!!


  7. Absolutely beautiful…stunning photos!


  8. Beautiful! I am on the Canada side of the Rocky Mountains and never get tired of their beauty (and pictures of them).


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