You want Wildflowers?

It’s summer and the wildflowers are abundant at Kaibab National Forest in  Northern Arizona

North Rim Flora_43


North Rim Flora_44


North Rim Flora_65


North Rim Flora_206


North Rim Flora_182


North Rim Flora_78


North Rim Flora_118


North Rim Flora_222


North Rim Flora_55


North Rim Flora_137


North Rim Flora_56


North Rim Flora_157

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  1. Lovely flowers, Mike. The white aspens with the white seed heads is esp. striking!


  2. Magnificent images of those flowers, are the blue one Lupines?


  3. I just upgraded to a paid blog and one of the things I can now do is list selected blogs I follow. Pictures like these (and all your stunning pics) are the reason you are on that list. Gorgeous!


  4. A couple of those images remind me of Van Gogh.


  5. Beautiful photos. This year has been one for the ages for wildflowers in Colorado as well. Wildflower explosions everywhere. The colors and types are so varied this year. I’m seeing some kinds I’ve never seen before. Makes my heart full.


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