Death Valley’s Zabriskie Point

One of the most popular places to visit in Death Valley National Park is Zabriskie Point. Probably because of the colorful and twisted sandstone rock formations.




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  1. I am happy to say I have been to this glorious point. It is so vast, you did a great job of capturing the immensity and beauty here, Michael Andrew.


  2. Stunning photos! Can you do some hiking there? I imagine best time to visit is November-April?


    • Thanks Caroline. There are some trails to hike there. You are correct about the best months to visit although it depends what elevation you’re at. Some areas of interest are about 3,000 feet in elevation unlike the hots spots that are below sea level


  3. I remember the film of which the location was the best part – these are glorious photos

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  4. That sure is beauiful country!

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  5. Beautiful pictures of a fascinating place. I’ve never been there but it reminds me of Arizona’s Painted Desert. One of the hills (in the second picture) appears covered in seaweed, but I know that’s not possible. Do you know what it is?


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