Death Valley NP’s Racetrack Playa

Racetrack Playa at California’s Death Valley National Park is hard to get to but worth the effort. It is home to the famous sailing or sliding rocks. I’ve posted images of them here before but I wanted to bring a friend for her first visit. The 27 mile highly-washboarded road is teeth rattling but you must take your time.

The Racetrack from about 5 miles away. The elevation gain from one end to the other is a mere 1.5 inches and the Racetrack is almost 3 miles long. That is flat.


The road has views of mountain ridges and blowing sand.


No one really knows when Teakettle Junction got its start but is a quirky site in a quirky park


                         Sliding rock.


Lian trying to capture their story.



What probably is the cause


                   This lake bed gets baked by the summer heat of Death Valley

13 responses to “Death Valley NP’s Racetrack Playa”

  1. Death Valley is on my bucket list and I especially want to see the sliding rocks. I saw a woman on TV once who had stolen one of the rocks and was showing it off. I could only hope some official also saw the program. I hope the government shut down doesn’t lead to more of this very selfish behavior.


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