Blue Canyon

Blue Canyon, which is near Coalmine Canyon and Ha Ho No Geh, is another remote landscape bordering Navajo and Hopi Tribal Land in Northern Arizona.




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  1. Sweet photos! Is this area open to the public or do you need special permission?

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  2. You’re suppose to get permission or get a guide from the Navajos but I never found out where to get one.


  3. That is spectacular scenery and your photos do it justice!

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  4. Wow, I’ll have to check that out sometime. i lived at Nazalini, Pinon and Cottonwood and have traveled all over the Hopi and Navajo rez, but not there.

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  5. Some of these landscape features look like they were man-made, but nature actually made them, which is truly amazing. Wonderful shots, Michael!

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