Ha Ho No Geh Canyon

It’s on Hopi Tribal land and is rarely visited by the Hopi or outsiders. These images are from a few years ago but I plan to revisit in a few weeks. If anyone wants to join me in exploring this remote and stark landscape near Tuba City Arizona, let me know. There are primitive places to camp there.

The sun sets on the badlands of Ha Ho No Geh Canyon on the Hopi Indian Reservation, Arizona




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  1. That’s very pretty country there.

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  2. These are stunning, looks to be one beautiful place!

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  3. I have no words for the beauty of this place! Fantastic photo’s! If I had lived nearer I would have definitely joined you.

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  4. How beautiful. Do you need permission to go there? I’m looking forward to seeing more after you’ve visited again.

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  5. Oh wow, the canyon looks fantastic. We’ll be in the US in two weeks time, visiting some national parks, but our schedule won’t let us connect with you. Darn.

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  6. Beautiful shots of the region! I would love to join you in a couple weeks if my schedule allows, Michael.

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  7. OMG I wish I could join you!! It looks and sounds like a great adventure!! Enjoy 🙂

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  8. Beautiful. When are you planning to go there? I will be in AZ visiting a friend close to Prescott the last two weeks of May, and form there going to NM Las Cruzas

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  10. Amazing landscape and wonderful photos. I love northern AZ and southern UT.

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  11. Such an amazing part of the world. Wish I could join you. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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  12. These photos are absolutely intriguing. Although we’ve traveled through most of the national parks in Utah, we don’t remember seeing ribbons of red as in your photos. Amazing color!

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