Antelope Canyon- One Last Time

I went to visit Antelope Canyon the other day in Page, Arizona, hoping to tour the Lower Canyon. However, that was closed temporarily so my friend Alison and I went to Upper Antelope Canyon. Even for January, it was fairly crowded.

The one rule change they have instituted is that tripods are no longer allowed!  Panic set in as I have always used a tripod here as it is highly needed due to the low light conditions inside. So I did the best I could by setting my camera to a higher ISO which makes my sensor more sensitive to the low light but produced digital noise.  To get rid of the noise, you use software to eliminate it at the expense of detail. I was mostly shooting at a shutter speed of 1/40 sec. which is slow but manageable at a focal length of 24mm.

The Lower Canyon used to have a photographer’s tour during the winter where you could go by yourself for 2 hours. That has been eliminated. They do have a photographer’s tour at the Upper Canyon but the cost was quite steep.  This will be the last time I or Ali will visit Antelope Canyon










Entrance to Upper Antelope Canyon








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  1. It is a beautiful spot and I can understand its popularity. 7 Billion People and counting…. the pressure will continue to rise. 😦

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  2. yes its amazing. its a very popular spot but there are so many possibilities to take an unique shot.

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  3. I love that place. We were lucky to have a wonderful guide and low traffic. Your photos are beautiful!


  4. Unfortunately, it’s being loved to death just like our beautiful Zion. Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t been to the Upper Canyon in a few years, even then it was crowded early in the morning. I enjoyed the Lower Canyon a couple of years ago and was able to get several excellent images without a tripod. I won’t be going back either.


  5. Your photos are still great despite all the constraints, like no tripod. I went through Lower Antelope Canyon with a tripod some five years ago. It was okay, but they kept having tours and people were coming and going all the time while I was trying to take pictures.


  6. Amazing photo’s! A pity though, that with all beautiful places, masses of people flock there and spoil the atmosphere.


  7. There’s some deep canyon hikes in Utah that are pretty amazing too. Great shots!


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