Met My First WP Blogger

I had the opportunity to me my first WordPress blogger the other day in Springdale, Utah, just outside Zion NP.    Joan runs WP Blog Travels With Callie   which documents the RV travels with Joan’s husband Michael, daughter Laura and of course their cat, Callie.

We discussed the possibility of having a Word Press Convention or retreat right here at Zion National Park or anywhere out West. I’m not sure if Word Press organizes meeting for bloggers but it would be cool if we could and invite WP speakers and other bloggers who have expertise in a particular field. I am very familiar with the accommodations here in Springdale.  Any thoughts?

9 responses to “Met My First WP Blogger”

  1. I’ve heard of gardeners getting together annually to tour gardens at different cities around the States and the UK has their Annual Blogger Awards, but WP wasn’t involved in either. I think their headquarters are in the UK, but not sure about that.

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  2. Blogging on WordPress is important to me most of all to create community and connections. I only follow blogs I’m going to read, and I follow blogs to enjoy the content but also to build relationships. I love your idea of connection.


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