The Magnificent Waterhole Canyon

Page, Arizona has its Antelope Canyon including crowds and guided tours that whisk you through. Waterhole Canyon is not quite like Antelope Canyon but it is a reasonable alternative especially since very few people know where it is.  No tour buses here!



It’s a bit tight but not claustrophobic.


The entry is rather ordinary.


Using a tripod for longer exposures helps to reveal the natural hues.








Waterholes Canyon


Waterholes Canyon

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  1. Wow, those are amazing formations. Nice!


  2. What a beautiful place and a photographer’s dream. Your photos are gorgeous.


  3. Beautiful shots……love how you captured the depth of the formations.


  4. Beautiful images. When we did the lower canyon tour late in September, it was very crowded. Looks like you had the place to yourself for a while.


  5. Incredible, and not unlike the secret passageway to the city of Petra.

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