Antelope Canyon. Upper or Lower?

Antelope Canyon. Upper or Lower?

dawn2dawn photography

Antelope Canyon. Upper or Lower? From Lower Antelope Canyon

If you can only do one of these, I would do Lower Antelope Canyon.  Why?

Antelope Canyon is an amazing slot canyon near Page Arizona on Navajo Tribal Land. During the off season, the people at Lower Antelope Canyon will let me go on my own for 2 hours. It’s called the photographers permit. It’s about $35.  The Lower is about a mile long and you can walk to the entrance in a minute. At the Upper, you have to be driven out to the trailhead and be guided through the canyon which is only a 1/2 mile at most.

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Antelope Canyon You are guided through Upper Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon The Upper has its beauty

The other thing I don’t like about The Upper is that you have to return the same way you…

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