Angels’s Landing Anyone?

Reblog from about 4 years ago.

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When visitors to Zion National Park ask me what hike they should try, I tell them if they aren’t afraid of heights and adventure, you must conquer the diabolical Angel’s Landing.  I’ve completed it 3 times but see no reason to risk my life again. The peak was named by a Methodist clergyman, Frederick Vining Fisher, who thought that ‘only an angel could land on it’ although I made it.

Image Angel’s Landing soars 1,488 feet straight up into the Zion sky

Angel's_3982 I’m going up there?

Image Walter’s Wiggles, named after Walter Ruesch, the park superintendent who devised this series of 21 switchbacks.

Angel's_4026 Your lifeline, the chains!

Angel's_4011 No chains here.

Image The chains offer a safety net because to the right is a 1488 foot drop to the canyon floor. That shuttle bus below looks awfully small.

The National Park Service offers plenty of warnings.



It’s a 2 1/2 mile climb from the…

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  1. Sound pretty interesting place to hang around and do camping as well.

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  2. Feel like climbing these walls

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  3. I’ll pass on that climb, thanks!


  4. What a hiking adventure! Scary…


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