The Fabulous Undisturbed Willis Creek

Willis Creek is a slot canyon that almost anyone can enjoy. It’s located in a remote area of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Southern Utah.  It is a place where peace and solitude are easily experienced.

Hopefully this beautiful area will remain protected. There is currently a push by The Department Of The Interior to reduce the size of the GSENM and allow gas, oil and mining exploration. These industries have a haphazard track record when it comes to protecting the environment they are compromising.

Willis Creek is one of those few gems where pristine waters trickle through the brilliant Navajo Sandstone walls that the creek carved over millions of years.  It would be a shame if the waters were muddied in an instant. I noticed some children playing happily in the waters, waters that could be disturbed if proposed changes to the monument are enacted.

We are all trustees of our public lands and have the right to raise our voice on environmental concerns. You can submit your comment about these proposed actions at The Department Of The Interior







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