Hearst Castle- Searching For Rosebud.

I’ve driven past the turnoff to Hearst Castle along California’s Pacific Coast probably 50 times and never stopped in to check it out. Too touristy. Along with my friends Jon and Amy, we made the trip last month to Hearst Castle since we were camping only a few miles away. The place is amazing and lavish but a bit pretentious. The 45 minute tour cost a whopping $25  and with that you’d think you wouldn’t have to pay 3 bucks for a small Starbucks. Yes, there was a Starbucks at the evil gift shop at the entrance. Along with a million other Hearst Castle curios, knickknacks, ornaments and other assorted trash. The castle is now run by the California State Parks and it must be a huge revenue generator. Didn’t see Rosebud however and a young guide there had no idea what I was talking about.  Rosebud, a snow sled, seen in the movie Citizen Kane  (Based partly on WR Hearst) signified Kane’s childhood innocence. Maybe the presence of the sled at Hearst Castle would have given me a more childhood -like perception of the place.


The Hearst Castle along California's Pacific Coastline near San Simeon


Hearst Patio_9257


Hearst Stairs_9039


Hearst Patio_9095


Hearst Palm_9030The palms were the best money could buy.


Hearst Fruit_9025Forbidden fruit.


Hearst Flowers_9089Azaleas.


Hearst Ceiling_9136Even the ceilings were a head turner.


Hearst Ceiling_9108


Hearst Indoor Pool_9307The indoor pool smacked of ornamental overkill!


Hearst Indoor Pool_9294You could walk on this water.


Hearst Jon Amy_9313My unpretentious friends Jon and Amy on the pretentious bus up to Hearst Castle.  The castle has to sell ad space on the bus to make ends meet.


Hearst_9094Maybe they know where Rosebud is.


Hearst Statue_9193One of many bizarre statues at the castle, which were the highlight of the tour.



Hearst Statue_9127                                   Not sure what we’re seeing here.


Hearst Statue_9228Couldn’t tell me where Rosebud was either.


Hearst Statue_9189                                   Good natured wrastling!


Hearst Statue_9227The castle architect was a woman, Julia Morgan.


Hearst Statue_9252                                   Explicit.




Hearst Statue View_9261The view. This statue was poised to jump into the Pacific Ocean.


Hearst Billiard_9139The billiards room was quite gaudy.


Hearst Dining_9115                                   They could have fed our entire tour group at this table but didn’t.


Hearst Animals_9324Those are Barbary Sheep at the bottom, giant and spoiled cattle at upper left. They sell Hearst Ranch Steaks at the gift shop.


Hearst Patio_9226


Hearst Patio_9044




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