Photo of the Week- A rock with legs!

This is in Death Valley, which may be the most interesting national park in the USA . It’s more like a Little Shop Of Horrors with its unique sand dunes that make noise, golf courses, artist’s palettes, racetracks, craters, the lowest spot in North America(minus 282 feet) and fame as the hottest place on the planet. Highest recorded temp was 134 degrees F in 1913. It got up to 129 during last summer’s western heat wave.  The pic below is at Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, a dry lake bed that provides a mystery scientists aren’t sure about.  The rocks tumble down from the hills above and when the lake bed receives moisture and high winds, the rocks will move. That is the current theory. No one has ever seen the rocks move but the trails they leave behind are the evidence. The one below decided to make a right turn in the course of its journey. Maybe it was lost.


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  1. Why wouldn’t time lapse photography give a clue?


  2. So cool! Wish I could have seen this part of the park, as well. Oh, what mysteries.


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