My Favorite Mammal…… photograph

My favorite mammal to photograph

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As promised, this post follows my previous blog post on My Favorite Bird to photograph, the pelican.  The elephant seal is a lot like the pelican.  Doesn’t get much respect and they don’t make very good pets. And probably for good reason.  Below are some photos I have taken in the past which provides evidence as to why I find them fun to photograph and why I won’t make an elephant seal a pet of mine.

The seal below is one big yawn.

They will swim hundreds of miles out to sea for up to 10 months out of the year. No wonder they’re tired.

Elephant seals get their names because the males have snouts that resemble an elephant’s large proboscis.  Males grow to a size of approximately 2,500 pounds, so they take up a lot of room, like the one below.

Like humans, they like to vacation at the…

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