Photo Of The Week- What do Easter Sunday, Snowshoeing and a Black Bear have in common?

With Easter Sunday approaching, I was reminded of an Easter Sunday in 2006 when I visited Sequoia National Park.  It was April 14th but there was still a foot of snow on the ground in Giant Forest.  I decided to get up early and snowshoe out to Moro Rock, about 2 miles from the road. Just before I got to Moro Rock, I gazed to my right and to my astonishment , there was a black bear sitting in the snow, about 50 feet from me!  He was staring right at me. I’m not sure who was more surprised but I kept moving as I was alone, in snowshoes, in a forest with a black bear. Earlier that week, I had read a news report where a family was attacked by a black bear in Tennessee and a little girl was killed. So that was on my mind. I was so petrified, it never entered my mind to take a photo of this beast. (You’re probably wondering that if I didn’t photograph the bear in the woods, did I really see one?)  I just kept moving and looking behind me.  After that, I reached Moro Rock where the morning fog was lifting from the valley below and the Sierras were visible in the distance. This photo was published by Outdoor Photography magazine in their My Favorite Places article.  The following image can be purchased as a print or downloadable file at Moro Rock Image


As I took this shot, I was still mindful of that Black Bear.


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  1. Awesome photo! Bears are the one thing that scare me about hiking, that and cougars/mountain lions.


  2. A truly, magazine-worthy photo, Mike. Love that orange tree in the foreground surrounded by the other trees in the mist. Bear encounters should always be accompanied by great caution, I’d have been sweating it, too!


  3. Great story! It’s completely believable to be so terrified that you just keep moving and forget the photo, and I’m glad you did, Michael. A lovely photo here, and I’m sure you still think of that black bear many times…that was the gift.


  4. I still love this photo. 🙂 🙂


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