Photo of the Week – The Unusual is the Usual at this place….


The unusual is the usual at this place.  Grotesque shapes of rock cast by millions of years of weathering have produced a carnival of  oddities that Barnum & Bailey would be proud of.   I half expected a woman with a beard to come  walking around the corner. The rock in the foreground is called half and half because it possesses a split personality.  Equal parts of red and gold make up its whole but how and why?  A fellow I met at the trail head said he came to this location just to photograph this rock. And for 4 1/2 hours, that’s all he did.  While I went out and explored ( See Previous Post) the area beyond this oddity, he patiently waited for the sun to cast the perfect light on the subject.  He also mentioned that the rock moves over time, following the line you see etched in the soft sandstone.  Maybe it does but I suspect it would take a million years or two for anyone to notice. I didn’t really have that much time to find out.

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