A Trip Through Southern California

You’ve heard about all the stereotypes of the Southern California lifestyle. That it’s all about image, the car you drive, what zip code or area code you live in, how much money you make, dreamers, smog, disasters, traffic, sunsets,  beaches and where you get your hair cut. Well, it’s all true.  But there’s more to palm trees and the Hollywood sign. The following photos are ones I reluctantly took while living in SoCal. I didn’t want to be perceived as a tourist. See all of my pics at  http://dawn2dawnphotography.com/

Pacific Sunset

Yes indeed, the sunsets are awesome if somewhat warped.


The smog is actually better. A lighter shade of brown.

SM PIER_4002

And the Santa Monica Pier is not the only pier in SoCal

HB Pier_9734

Huntington Beach has a cool pier too! Just ask the seagulls.

LA on Fire

This is not from a Hollywood film set. This really happens. I believe this  picture was seen on CNN.

Venice Beach Family_2849

Venice Beach is great for family fun, or not! Keep looking straight ahead kids.


Everyone dreams of making it big

Bolsa Chica Sunset

And of course, more sunsets. I don’t think the surfers were that impressed.


Each New Year’s Day, the folks back east dream of moving west because it’s not 20 below

Snow in LA?_8104

But LA does get snow. You just don’t have to drive in it. You can just look at it like a postcard.

LA Night

And that view from Mulholland Drive. They made a movie about this place.

Nightime Worker

They work on the roads at night so we can drive without delay during the day. Yeah right.

Christmas in Los Angeles

If you look closely, Christmas is celebrated in LA. The decorations blend in with the graffiti.

Venice Graffitti_2836

But there are legal graffiti artists that do a good job or not of blending art with natural beauty.It looks like the trunk of the one palm tree has graffiti on it.

Cjeap Sunglasses

You’re not cool without sunglasses which can be had everywhere in SoCal in all shapes and sizes. Never tried purple.

Kid at Beach_2783

And you’re not cool if you don’t practice Tai Chi. Even the kids do it

Water Court

Every city has one of these.

LA's Trashy Garment Disrict

And one of these. LA’s trashy garment district


But not every town has great sunsets and palm trees!


Or pyramids

Art Gallery_6341

Or art galleries of rock and movies stars

Chinatown dragons_7891

Or a Chinatown with real dragons.


And in Korea Town, the signs have English subtitles

Purple House_3531

Only in Southern California will your neighbors tolerate purple. I hope you like it!

Just Tires_9716

And where you can have your own chain of tire stores.

No Fun_1288

But the authorities don’t want you to have too much fun.


Thankfully, the authorities give pedestrians and their Totos the right of way.


SoCal comes alive especially at night

Disney Hall

No symmetrical buildings here.

Holllywood Sign_8091

And while some people are here to make it big in Hollywood.

Woman with headache_2586

Some are here are for the beautiful mountains and beaches. Maybe she has a headache today.

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