Don’t Try This Photography Technique

The following photography technique is not for you unless;

1) You won the Indianapolis 500.

2) You are a driving school instructor.

3) You have major experience driving a 5-speed while holding a Big Mac in one hand  and a large order of fries in the other.

4) Or like me, have been a crash test dummy for Porsche.

The images below were all taken while driving my vehicle through the famous Yosemite Tunnel.  They were taken in different years but the results were similar.  They were all taken late at night, not during the middle of the day when traffic in Yosemite resembles a Los Angeles rush hour. The movement of your vehicle and a slow shutter speed add a surreal look to the image.  You’re not sure if you are entering hell or a Salvador Dali painting!  And also make sure you’re playing the theme music to The Twilight Zone on you car stereo when attempting this.

I set my camera on the dashboard directly in front of the steering wheel and try to hold it with one hand while I steer with the other.  Someday I will rig up a tripod and a shutter release to do this more safely.  I only drive about 10-15 miles per hour and slower when oncoming traffic appears. The shutter speeds on these photos were anywhere from 1/4 second to 2 seconds. My aperture was wide open at F4. On some of the pics you can see a slight wobble. It is inevitable but that wobble adds a sense of randomness. It also helps to have overhead lights in the tunnel as well as traffic lines on the road.  These leading lines bring you further into the image.

There are cars coming and going in this shot!

Stanley Kubrick would love this image for 2001, A Space Odyssey. "Open the pod bay doors Hal"

This photo won first prize for The Jimi Hendrix "Are You Experienced" Photo Contest

Safety is the prime consideration when attempting these shots.  Don’t try this at New York’s Lincoln Tunnel.  Use your seat belt and experiment as often as possible. And keep that windshield clean!

Michael Just

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