Why Blog?

The word blog isn’t even in the current dictionary I have.  So what does the word blog mean? It is short for web log, which in the early days of the internet was like a diary someone published. Nowadays it is used by anyone who has a product to sell or an opinion to offer. August 31st is National Blog Day by the way! I plan to use my blog as a way to share information I gather when I am out in the field photographing this beautiful world. It will not be so much about technical things, but what I had to do to get to a place, what it is like, problems I encountered(like getting a flat tire in the middle of Monument Valley with a vehicle load of gear. See pic in next blog), places to eat and stay. You know, the important stuff. I expect this blog to be an open forum so that everyone can contribute their experiences. We’ll be sharing photos, answering poll questions and surveys, offering prizes like new cars!, trips to Hawaii, and we’ll also have a famous person to interview every now and again. So, stay tuned for the next blog which showcases obstacles to being a successful outdoor photographer! Below is a link to my latest photos.  What’s New!

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