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Two Mesas

A few shots from in and around Gooseberry and Hurricane Mesas.






What Do Hurricane Mesa and The Flying Monkey Have in Common?

The Flying Monkey, a pizza joint in Springdale, Utah,  derived its name from an Air Force test track on the top of nearby Hurricane Mesa just outside of Zion NP. In the 1950′s the U.S. Air Force constructed a 12,000 foot test track on nearby Hurricane Mesa.   The track was constructed to test aircraft ejection systems using dummies.  

In at least one test series the rocket sled dummy was replaced by apes to identify the g-force effects of this type of ejection on a live being.  Hence the Flying Monkey name came into existence. They could have also called it the Screaming Monkey!

You can barely see in the image below a building or two at the top of Hurricane Mesa. Flying Monkey pizza is not just another pizzeria. It is wood-fired, thin crust, with aromas remindful of my days as a kid getting a slice from Alfonso’s in NJ.

Zion Smith Mesa_8769