Tall Tales From The Field


Highlights and Shadows

Sunlight penetrates clouds from a passing thunderstorm, producing sunbeams along Marble Canyon in Northern Arizona.


Milky Way For September

Milky Way shots captured near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, including one with nearby lightning.

The Milky Way appears during a thunderstorm at The Grand Canyon at Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


The Milky Way appears on a moonless night over Lees Ferry, Arizona

Fall Colors Have Arrived

At the Kaibab National Forest, adjacent to Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim.  At an elevation between eight to 9,000 feet, Autumn arrives early.  The Aspens were just beginning to change colors and should be at full color around the first of October. But small pockets couldn’t wait.

Fall colors have arrived at Kaibab National Forest, Arizona







Desert Flora at Sunset

While mountain biking this week near Gooseberry Mesa in Southern Utah, I captured some pics over a few evenings of the changing colors of the flora and the sunsets.





Time Lapse Of The Milky Way

As you can see in this video, the Milky Way moves during the night along with other unidentified flying objects. Shot near The Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. Watch in HiDef at Full Screen.


Zion Canyon Night Sky

Not only is the Milky Way apparent in the sky, but so are the Sacred Datura Flowers that bloom through the night. Shot on different nights in Zion Canyon at Zion National Park, Utah




Time Lapse Video- Mountain Biking

Along the Arizona Trail in the Kaibab National Forest. Watch in HiDef at Full Screen.


More Milky Way Shots

From Zion National Park area


The Milky Way appears on a moonless night over The Watchman at Zion National Park, Utah


The Milky Way appears on a moonless night over Eagle Crags adjacent to Zion National Park, Utah

Time Lapse Video- As The Sun Sets

Light from a late afternoon and setting sun is observed along Marble Canyon, Arizona. Watch in HiDef in Full Screen


Milky Way Shots From Northern Arizona

Shot this week from Arizona’s Kaibab National Forest.



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