Tall Tales From The Field


Two Mesas

A few shots from in and around Gooseberry and Hurricane Mesas.





Miscellaneous Zion NP Images

From the last two weeks.









Autumn Tranquility

Scene and sound along Zion National Park’s Virgin River this past week. Watch in HiDef at Full Screen

Up On Kolob Terrace

Kolob Terrace is a high-elevation area in and around Zion National Park. Unfortunately, I got up there a bit late for peak fall colors but this wilderness spot is special nonetheless.








The Lone Juniper

This Juniper Tree always get my attention when at the Big Bend area of Zion National Park.



Fall Colors In Zion Canyon

The fall colors invaded the main part of Zion National Park, at the 4,200 foot level.
















Never Going Back To Toroweap

For the second time in two trips, I and some friends encounter vehicle issues at the very remote Toroweap section of Grand Canyon National Park. The park service ranger told us it would cost 800 to $1,000 to get towed out of there. My Ford Ranger just stopped running 55 miles from the nearest paved road. My friend’s Subaru got a flat tire so we had to hike the last 3 miles to get to the edge. It was all worth it as the photos show.  My Ranger had a fuel pump issue but Ranger Todd found in the manual that there is a fuel pump reset switch under the passenger side dash.


Fun With Photoshop!

Narley, Rad, Sick and Massive

The Red Bull Rampage is an annual mountain biking competition here in Virgin, Utah. This was the 12th edition and is fast becoming a very popular event worldwide.  These extreme riders defy the laws of gravity and common sense physics.  Einstein would have trouble figuring out how these mountain bikers do what they do. As some nearby dudes said, it was narley, rad, sick and massive. The photos pretty much give you a good idea of the competition and scene. SPOILER ALERT- Kurt Sorge won the event for an unprecedented third time.    This competition was filmed and will be shown on NBC on December 24th.

Tickets sold out online in 5 minutes.











Dusty Venue

He wiped out but was uninjured


Good shocks required

They filmed the event from the hills, helicopters and drones.

Look mom, no hands!

Not sure where he was going.

Riding uphill would be a lot harder than downhill?


Look out Bro!


Finish Line

Below is a aerial view of the course which shows massive dropoffs!


Or one narley ride by Antoine Bizet who was the crowd’s choice as the winner.

More Color From Zion’s Eastside

A professional landscaper couldn’t put this together. Nature at work at Zion National Park. Fall colors in the main Zion Canyon should be popping in the next week or two!












An Explosion Of Color

At Zion National Park!     I’ve lived here for 8 years and have never seen the fall colors as vibrant on Zion’s Eastside as I have this year. More to come.











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