Look! Up In The Sky!

While most people these days are bumping into each other because they are looking down at their smart phones, I bump into people because I am looking up into the sky.  Where I live, the sky is ever changing, producing clouds of cumulus, cirrus and lenticular.  Monsoon season here in the Desert Southwest is especially  captivating as thunderheads, lightning, sheets of rain and a rare rainbow make an appearance.  Upper air currents produce intricate shapes that stretch clouds into patterns that would make Timothy Leary envious.  And the night sky in Southern Utah is famous for its clear black canvas dotted by billions (with a B) of stars and galaxies and universes and planets and moons and milky ways and whatever else is out there.  The skies here only add to the marvelous landscapes  but a picture here may be only as good as the sky above it!


These cloud patterns lasted about 10 minutes. So have your camera ready.


Rainbows materialize when sun shines on a passing rain shower. So look in the opposite direction of the sun and wait for the magic. It will not last long either


At night, gaze towards the North Star and capture the stars revolving around it. You’ll need a tripod and  45 minutes of exposure.


Or a 2 1/2 minute exposure with an ISO of 2500.


I’ll play a song by The Orb called “Little Fluffy Clouds” on my car stereo whenever I see clouds like these. You can literally reach out and touch these. Or is it figuratively? Depends on your reach I guess.


These storm clouds definitely got my attention!


As did this violent storm over The Grand Canyon. I was camping out in this!


If you are patient and the water is still, you get the sky in stereo!


And again! That’s quadraphonic.


And even when you want to look down into The Grand Canyon, you may want to look up as well.


Like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie, birds can fill it up too!  Luckily I wasn’t attacked.


And when driving home from work, a good sunset is always playing.

More images just like these are shown daily at http://dawn2dawnphotography.com

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